Detective for the Lost
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Slim Moran - Brought up in a series of convent schools by Tyrone Moran,her dissolute Irish movie star father, she went to Trinity, Catholic Women's college where she majored in French literature and Georgetown boys.  When her fiance, scion to an Irish American political family goes missing over Germany during the one of the last bombing raids of the war, Slim moves to Europe and works in a Red Cross Displaced Persons center. After it closes,  she opens the Pitchipoi Center with her Nazi Hunter boyfriend, Daniel Cohen to find those lost in the war. She runs the agency in the old building where Daniel's family once lived. 

Daniel Cohen -  grew up in the Marais, the Jewish section of Paris into a family of Jewish barbers.  After being deported to Drancy and then Auschwitz, he is the only one of sixteen members of his family to survive.  Bent on revenge, Daniel hunts down high ranking Nazis and distributes his own brand of justice.

Francoise Derrain- former  lover of the great movie star, Marlene Dietrich. During the Nazi occupation, her famous lesbian bar, La Silhouette is shut down by the Gestapo. However, once Marlene convinces Slim to reopen it in on the bottom floor where the barbershop where Daniel's family once worked, it becomes the hottest bar in Paris. Cynical and sexy, Francoise is full of dark secrets. 

Marlene Dietrich - Austrian actress, hollywood movie star and at times, surrogate mother to Slim (she had a long-running affair with Slim's father, Tyrone Moran). Smarting from her recent breakup with the French actor Jean Gabin, Dietrich is bored until Slim asks for her help in tracking down a lost woman agent.  Dietrich knows just who to call, her old friend, head of the American OSS, 'Wild' Bill Donovan.

Miss Flora Chapman - Former spy supervisor at the Special Operations Executive (Britain's secret war time spy operation formed by Churchill to set Europe ablaze), Chapman has been receiving messages in Morse Code from a former woman agent she had long ago given up for dead. She hires Slim to find out what happened to her lost agent before someone else does and kills her.

Marya Vybrova aka Marie-Claire - Former radio operator for Special Operations Executive's spy circuit, 'Invictus'. She was arrested in Paris in 1942.  Former members of her circuit believe her to have died in a concentration camp, and if that's the case, why is Miss Chapman suddenly getting transmissions from her? Is she dead or is she alive? Slim's job is to find out what happened to her before someone else does.

Simon Wiesenthal  an Austrian Nazi hunter and writer. He was a Jewish Austrian Holocaust survivor who became famous after World War II for his work as a Nazi hunter.